The Perfect Woman & The Perfect Man

An elegant and beautiful woman knows for sure when she found the right man.


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32 thoughts on “The Perfect Woman & The Perfect Man

  1. Ce “perfect” e tipul asta cu portofelul supradimensionat happy happy happy
    PS. Felicitari pentru concursul cu Mos Craciun. Data viitoare o sa scriu si eu o poveste.

  2. Măi, la banii lui putea să-și ia niște șosete măcar happy

    Uite, m-a trimis tanti Jeni să-ți zic Crăciun fericit alături de cei dragi! Sărbători liniștite și fericite! Gânduri frumoase de la noi, cei de la Cantina Socială!

  3. Hi Angie,I apicpreate your warm words and to our God be all the glory! You keep on in what He's using you to do as well and unto His glory.Love and blessings to you and your family!

  4. The brits never apaologised for Dresden, the yanks for the Nukes in Japan and they were all DELIBERATE. The war was supposed to be over but the RUC with redundancies safely in the bank are back cherry picking victims with the historical crimes unit…? Apologise for nothing!! They are still attacking nationalists and even with SF full support in doing it they can't help going after SF…must say though that bit does my heart no end of good. Laughter is good medicine after all.

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