Blue Footed Booby on Luca’s T-Shirt

Not so long ago,Luca was saying “O!! Booby” when he saw something interesting and funny, but without knowing anything about that bird.  Like he was saying “Horray”. He was so sweet. One day, just for fun, I searched this word on the internet and I found the Blue Footed Booby. When I saw it, I decided that this is my favorite bird, so I draw one on Luca’s white T-Shirt, and we went to the Zoo.

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26 thoughts on “Blue Footed Booby on Luca’s T-Shirt

  1. definitively Canada’!) Google images gave me your geese patetrn as a nice change from maple leaves. As a girl from the Philly area, Canadian geese were part of the seasonal changes, but this probably won’t be recognized where I live now (in Germany).I see I’m going to have a fun time looking at all of your patetrns, flora and fauna. (I like the mystery beige creature, too!)Have a lovely day,Janice

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